What I think about UX design. And a bit about UI of course.
About me

About me

I’m UI/UX designer, webdesigner, and webdeveloper since 1996. Yes, this is the year of the comet which killed all dinosaurs. I designed and created (much) over 500 websites from scratch to the very end. For small companies to international corporations. And many (many) other interfaces for different needs - apps, mobile apps, and so on. I'm also an author of few OpenSource applications.

About two years ago I burnout and dropped everything. I tried to live my life… Went to China to learn Qi Gong – it is great. Now I’m back, I have my passion back again (tadam!). Learning new things… I'm currently in beautiful New Zealand.

Decided to go back to work, looking for job…

And… I’m abroad long time now, so I’m writing in English. Sorry, this is not my native. But I know polish – what is your superpower?


My website: www.wysmulek.com

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