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Add some fun. Why you want to turn on game mode in the users?

Add some fun. Why you want to turn on game mode in the users?

UX is about (of course) an experience. About emotions. And about fun… But not much I can find about gamification in User Experience design. Strange.

Gamification is about application various elements you know from games and some game-like rules in non-game contexts. And this is a really good tool to achieve some – let’s say – society needed goals. We have plenty of successes examples.

Why do that? Just for fun? No. The strongest part of gamification is improvement of peoples (users) engagement and/or productivity. One example. Somewhere in the world – there was the problem with a footbridge over the street. Despite heavy traffic, people were too lazy and walks across the street what was very dangerous of course and resulted in bigger traffic jams. Of course, it was a footbridge but nobody used it. Until the keyboard is mounted on the footbridge. And you can play melodies by stepping on steps. Now almost everybody using the footbridge. The neighborhood is much safer and traffic is better.

Or some professor on University included the game elements into the examination system allowing the students to earn more points by solving additional tasks. It was not necessary to pass, but still, everyone took part in the game, even though it required more learning.

I built CMS/CRM system once equipped in very simple gamification module. People took part in the play and read more articles, even though they were virtual diamonds as the price that could only be used to access more articles.

Of course, you can find also negative examples. One bank included gamification elements in an on-line banking system. Bad decision. Plus they did not give up the game. The result was the annoyance of customers.

So if you are not familiar with gamification – you need to improve your knowledge. Fortunately, you can find very many publications about it in the network. It is worth your effort.

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