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Are you a clone? Try different.

Are you a clone? Try different.

It is easy to go where everybody goes. You can be sure of the way. The possibility of mistake is much smaller. And you have plenty of "masters" you can learn from. Much examples, "good practices" and so on. And most people act like that. It is safe.

Especially in "these", modern times when your every mistake will be punished in some way by society. Many people build they own self-esteem by comparison to others. That is why they criticize you, they want to smash you, destroy you whenever you do a mistake or just do something different. They laugh at everything they don't understand. And they are happy you make a mistake because in noise on their laugh nobody can hear and see how miserable the are.

There are plenty of such people, and many of us are terrified of them. This is why we are scared of innovations.

But the world can progress only thanks to this one, who can think out of the box. Who can do something in a different way. Why are not afraid to make mistakes. Because they understand that mistake, failure is just information about the way. You just should check different, because this one is not good.

Somebody said that the difference between successful man and no successful is that the successful man made more mistakes then this other one made trials.

You was born to be great, so don't be content being average. If you fail, be grateful for the opportunity for developing yourself. If you don't fail, you will learn nothing.

Think about it before you will design next parallax...

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