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This is the end. No more job for designers? No...

This is the end. No more job for designers.

This is the end… No, it isn’t. But for sure it is some kind of revolution. Adobe release Sensei app.

For years Adobe collected data – images, page contents, customer clicks and now put it on one learning framework managed by AI… So future is now. Basically, AI needs a massive amount of information. Based on this it (or he? she?) doing some generalization. Do we know it? Of course, we do. It is how we build personas...

They saying Sensei (by access to  Adobe Creative Cloud) can anticipate what designer want to do. Can recognize fonts on scanned materials and re-create it, can make up content and/or photos by tags (meta data). Can recognize faces, emotion expressions etc.

So, in general, it makes life easier… And support designers work. All designers. UX also – if I understand the idea. They say it also doing data analysis and alert you when something „interesting” happened.

And it can learn… Bit scary huh?

So is it the end of a job for designers? Of course not. For sure, as I said before, it will change designing process. This is web 3.0 world, by the way, I told you before…

But I don’t believe the AI can UNDERSTAND humans. And this is the clue. This is the main point. To do a good project (UI/UX – any) you have to understand humans. The way they thinking, the way they acting, the way they managing emotions. Ant, of course, the way they are programmed to do and to understand something in very specific way – for example Aristotle method of linear thinking from cause to effect. And you have to know and you have to understand people WANT to act (and be) linear, digital BUT they are (we are) not linear, analog.

AI can’t understand it. AI is digital, is a cause-effect type, is linear. And – what is the most important – AI has no emotions.

So – your job is safe...

Source: Adobe Sensei

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