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UI for robots – web 3.0 and Aristotle…

UI for robots – web 3.0 and Aristotle…

We know that so colled web 2.0 is present from (around) 2004. And basically, it’s about interactions. Web 1.0 it was static content created by some professionals for people. 2.0 is about creating content by people for people… And collaboration. For example Facebook, Youtube, Github and so on.

And what is web 3.0? Actually, nobody knows… There are some propositions of understanding this term, but… Everybody can have his/hers own. Why not? And while there is no web 3.0 yet, somebody predicting web 4.0. I will be better and I’ll say – web 5.0 is coming! Remember I was first…

Anyway. Some scholars (unfortunately I can’t remember names…) said a few years ago web 1.0 was about web pages by professionals for everybody, 2.0 – webpages by everybody for everybody so 3.0 will be about webpages for webpages… It means AI or just possibility to read content directly from a website. By some website of course. No effort needed. Any. No RSS, no data sharing, no special XML and so on. And of course everything with big involving of mobiles, so many of apps, not just browsers.

First steps were taken by structural data (schema.org) and HTML5/CSS3 with further standardization, simplification and the strong emphasis on semantic.

OK. But… How to create the interface, UI for a robot? For machine? For website, app, server, computer – whatever we want to call it. And this is this moment when we have to go back about 2400 years. To Aristotle. He was great – it is no doubt, but he also hurt us, humanity… He taught us to think in a cause-effect scheme. And we do, all the time. The problem is our brains don’t. Our brain works multithreaded. We learn nonlinear, analog not digital. All creativity is from the right hemisphere. And there is no place for the logical cause-effect scheme.

This is what we have to remember (this and thousand other things) designing user interfaces… But for robots, we need Aristotle’s way of thinking. We need to remove all colors, leaving only significant – as markers of something. And be sure to build a good and logic structure of the document from the most important and with good and clear marking what is what and what type of information we store in every container.

Is it just XML? No, I don’t think so. But this is a good start. XML is too simple, too primitive for future needs. It is too flat. We need something 3D… Perhaps 4D or XD.

And… AI will be created to imitate people, they will be interacting with people. So UI for robots should be also readable for humans. XML is not. Of course it os for some IT guys, but I was written „humans” didn’t I?

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