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Why graphic designers can’t do UI/UX

Why graphic designers can’t do UI/UX

Perhaps - why they shouldn't... First and most important because they are ignorant. Sorry guys but this is what I’ve learned working with graphics for years (YEARS). Of course, somewhere there are graphicians who understand network and mobile needs, understand differences between paper and electronic publication, knows that browsers INTERPRET documents, and everyone doing it bit different etc.

But this are diamonds, pearls, white crows… So rare and so precious.

Second, because they are „graphic designers” it means they are thinking they are godlike. But they are not. And they don’t want to learn and they don’t respect „technicians” work like coding and programing. I spent a massive amount of time on explaining (again and again the same to the same people) why they shouldn't do this or that and record is - „just meet half and hour before meeting and you'll tell me everything”.

Why? Why should I? And why you think I can teach you in 30 minutes something I'm learning every day last 20 years?
You can say – I just don’t like graphicians. No. This is not true. I just don’t like arrogant ignorants.

But probably the most important thing is – they can’t design UI/UX because the don’t know people. They don’t know psychology. Sociology. They don’t have knowledge. So-called hard and soft skills.

If you want to design interface (whatever type) you have to know how people works… This is so simple so most of us don’t remember it. Psychology is the study of behavior and mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought (as says Wikipedia). So if you want to deal with human behavior you have to know it, understand (sic!) it.

You designing something that’s purpose is improving human lives. Yes – this is what you (we) do. If you don’t know people you can't even ask them about important things because you just don’t know what is important… You probably don’t even know you should ask.

This is a very important topic and I’ll back to it soon. I want to tell you about POP, NLP and some more magician letters UI/UX designer should know. And I will… Soon.

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