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Why you need video on your webpage? Use heuristics principles.

Why you need video on your webpage? Use heuristics principles.

As Jakob Nielsen's heuristics teaches your design have to correspond to the real world. Math to it. Should be consistent, aesthetic and minimalistic. On the other hand specialists prognosis than in this very year 2017 Internet becomes the most important (commercial) medium. (www.nowymarketing.pl)

Facebook says that it will be a video on FB ONLY since 2020.

People don’t read. Only a few percent read books, newspapers. This is really scary but this is true. I am familiar with polish statistical data only, but I suppose the same is everywhere. And In Asia NOBODY reads. Nothing. But everybody has a mobile. And people watching some video, and television on mobiles.

So – heuristics – your design have to correspond to the real world. People prefer watching something short then read something very short. So you need video and your texts should be really short. Use pictures instead. And video. Be consistent. All world using video. All world prefer video. Sorry, but it is completely not important what you think about it. People want video so you should give them any video or lose them. Perhaps not now, but in very near future.

BUT some people prefer reading (there is still hope...). Leave some texts on your website. It will be transparent for video lovers, so it not hurts you. Tanks that you can gain some more sophisticated users. Especially if your product is addressed to such kind of people.




I’ve got great feedback. Thank you very much. A small supplement.

Of course, there is the difference between people looking for entertainment (mostly video) and information (mostly text) on the Internet. Now. The text is about future, and your design has to be future-ready. Again - now. Because between now, when you are designing, and the final effect is a big gap, unfortunately. Development is time-consuming. The more the more complex project is.

And I forgot to mention about C-generation… Connect, communicate, change – people born after 1990 don't know word without the Internet. They are on-line non-stop, they LIVE in-line in social media and they are in a constant rush, they are addicted to mobiles and have no time and no ability to read. This is why they prefer to watch.


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